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Pet Grooming Supplies
Welcome to Ukal Pet Grooming, your one-stop destination for premium dog grooming supplies. From Heiniger clippers renowned for their precision and durability to Hyponic Hypoallergenic pet products designed to cater to sensitive pets, we've got you covered. Our selection also includes high-quality scissors and combs to help you achieve professional grooming. Explore our catalogue to view our range of products.
Our Strengths

Ukal Pet Grooming is part of Ukal Canada. Present in all Canadian provinces. Providing quality products to Canadian for more that 25 years.

We're Canada's go-to for over 2500 top-quality animal care products. Discover why Ukal Canada is trusted by Groomers, veterinarians and farmers nationwide.

International Expertise

Diverse and reliable products catering to the small animal groomers, farmers, breeders, and animal owners.

Range of Products

We continually innovate our product range: Quality clippers such as Heiniger and Blades and combs to suit all types of grooming.

Innovation and Quality

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